Hospital Projects

Operation Room Design & Construction

Currently, the problem of clean room’s standards, Ministry of Health very interested the surgical clean room. In which the “sterile” is one of the factors most important and necessary, because it may prevent the infection, infection to the patient. A sterile environment in the operating room will preventing bacteria from entering harmful to patients and the staff, doctors in the surgery room.

GREATASIA Co., ltd is a unit with a staff of professional engineers trained from Taiwan on processes, technologies designed surgical  clean room, international standard.

The principle in designing a surgical clean room must report the following factors:
• Do not bring dirt into the room
• Does not generate dust in the room
• Do not allow accumulate dust in the room
• Quick handling of the dust in the room


1- System design bearing structure

  1. Steel frame

2. Wall panel, ceiling GLASAL / Greentek

3. Vynil floor

4. Laminar ventilation module and operating surgical  light

5. Convection and high-performance filters

6. Return grille

7. AHU ventilation system cluster for surgery rooms

8. Surgery room door

9. Differential pressure damper

10. Instrument cabinet

11. Data panel


12. Cooler and warner

13.  Power socket



14. Center panel

15. Bảng đọc phim

16. Time counter

17. Ceiling intravenous unit track

18. Scrub sinks

19. Pass box

20. Check the amount of dust

21. Check the amount of bacteria fall

2- Hình ảnh phòng phẫu thuật chuẩn


Tiêu chuẩn cấp bậc phòng phẫu thuật sạch

100SPECIAL CLEAN ROOMCoupling surgery, organs transplant such as brain, heart, eyes
1,000STANDARD CLEAN ROOMThe surgery operation such as breast augmentation surgery, orthopedics, urology, liver, bone and other types of surgical procedures with open wounds requires high aseptic
10,000ORDINARY CLEAN ROOMOther ordinary operations (except the 100 class surgical room), gynecology surgery
100,000 – 300,000COMMON CLEAN ROOMThe intestinal and infectious surgery