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 Ultrasound System
Ultrasound 4Dimage001
Model: 2900 plus
Manufacturer: EMP – Chinaimage002
Exceptional Ergonomics:
  • 15″ High-resolution LED Monitor
    ● Intuitive Control Panel
    ● Friendly Operation Interface
    ● 4-wheel Swivel with a Locking Function
  • Backlight Keyboard
    ● 3 Transducer Connectors
    ● Compatible with Convex, Linear, Phased
Array, Micro convex, TVS and Volume(4D)

Color Doppler Ultrasound Systemimage003

Model: G60
Manufacturer: EMP – China
Extra ordinary Ergonomics:
  • High Resolution 15” LCD monitor with Adjustable Articulating Arm.
    ● Four Transducer Sockets for Flexibility.
    ● Intuitive Control Panel Design.
    ● Stress Reliving Foot Switch.
    ● Backlit Keyboard.
Intelligent Workflow:
  • Speed Instant Image Optimization.
    ● User Defined Keys.
    ● Massive Storage Capacity and Flexible Data Management through DVD-RW, USB ports, DICOM 3.0.
    ● Comprehensive Software Package Includes Urology, Cardiology, Orthopedics, OB/GYN, Vascular, Transvaginal Doppler, and More.

Portable Full Digital Ultrasound System

Model: EMPN2
Manufacturer: EMP – Chinaimage005
Standard Configuration:
Main Unit
  • 12.1” LED Monitor
    ● 2 Transducer Connectors
    ● 4 USB Ports, 1 VGA, 1 RS2322
    ● Transducer Holders, 1 Coupling Gel Holder
    ● 300 Frames Cine Loop and Snapshot Functions
    ● Calculation and Measurement Software
    ● Electronic Convex Transducer (2.5-5.0MHz)