Mobile X-ray machine 150mA HIGH FREQUENCY

call-us-now-for-best-pricesMobile X-ray machine 150mA HIGH FREQUENCY
Manufacturer: GMM – Italy
CHORUS is an advanced multifuncti onal system preset for digital flat panel detector composed of:
  • Ceiling suspension
  • Tilting wall stand
  • Automatic collimation system
CHORUS is characterized by severa l automatic features simplifying operations and pati ent throughput
There is uniformity of origin system (Italy)
·        Control cabinet installation source high-frequency generator inside the machine.
·        X-ray Tube IAE
·        The collimated beam (built on).
·        Trolley attached machine.
·        Shutter switch (Hand).
  • Preset for digital Flat Panel
  • Ceiling suspension with automat ic movements for source/detec- tor alignment and SID maintaining
  • Control panel on ceiling suspen sion with LCD display
  • Low absorption table top with maximum patient weight 200 kg
  • Tilting wall stand from horizontal to vertical and +20°
  • Automatic collimation system with spectral filters
  • Optional mobile examination ta ble with adjustable height