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Electrical Surgical Table
Manufacturer: Medonly – Taiwan/China
model: M100A


  • Length and width oftable: 2000*500 (mm)
  • Effective bearing: 160 Kg
  • Range of back rest adjustment: 740-940mm
  • Degree of forward and backward tilting of table: 25º/22º
  • Degree of left and right tilting of table: left:17º, right: 17º
  • Folded-up back plate ≥75º
  • Leg plate (divided into 2 pieces): 20º – 90º vertically, 0º – 90º horizontally
  • Table Mobility: 300mm
  • The space beneath the table: 1180mm, suitable for taking a C –arm
  • Adjustment range of kidneys support bracket: 110.00 ± 20mm high
  • Adjustment range of support bracket (the orthopedic bracket) : 650-1650mm
  • Support bracket layout: 200mm

LED Surgical Light

Manufacturer: Medonly – Taiwan/China