Technical Support

Technical Support

  •  Install equipment according to contract purchasing the product or install as  required.
  •  Remove and re-installed as required.
  •  Repair and replace equipment accessories.
  •  Maintain equipment with different service packs.
  •  We offer the best Third Party Service and OEM Parts of medical equipments in Asia.

Special support service

With the principle “the customer is number one priority”, the Great Asia company is constantly expanding services to respond better the increasing demands of customers. We have domestic and oversea important partners that manufacture medical devices; build international standard room,department and hospital; provide technical support services… Therefore, in addition to key technical services,

we can satisfy the following services:

  • Install central air system for departments.
  • Construct and supply equipments for the operating room achieving international standard.
  • Construct X-ray, CT, MR and RF room in Radiation department.


The Great Asia Company always has training policies for technical staff and service engineers. Let staffs and engineers access to new technologies to serve customers better, and customers will be satisfied with the quality of service of our company. In addition, we also have course manuals for doctors and technicians after installing a new machine or with the request of customers.
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