Halogen Lamp

Operating Shadowless LampModel: XYX-F700/700 & 500/500Manufacturer: YCMade in China



  • Equipped the optical path system with more than 3800 reflector plates, and insure the depth of illumination reaches 700mm.
  • With the stable performance, the vice bulb will be lighted automatically in 0.2 second when the main bulb malfunction. It also has indicators for the damage of main and vice bulbs on the control panel.
  • Adopted the imported ASRAM halogen bulb from Germany, its lifetime is more than 1100 hours and easy to change. Also designed

the convenient suspension system and flexible arms, can fixed position all-around to meet different needs of operating position.

  • Adopted the imported OSRAM lamp-socket from Germany, and has high temperature resistance, fire resistance and longer lifetime.Two kinds of balance arms and lamp heads which Germany imported and domestic produced for you choose.