AT-6600 (ACOMED)


 AT-6600 Microcomputer Multi-Purpose Operating Table

Can be chosen by the function: from single surgery to the entire surgeries. It depends on your budget to make the best choice with good bargain. Have General typ; Add Slide function type; Add tractor function type; Add Slide & Tractor function type etc. selectivity. And has many kinds of optional functions: Intellectual Type (R Type, Option Function); AC / DC Type (B Type, Option Function); The range of elevation can be adjusted by desires; The Traction Device; Build-in Kidney Bridge by electric system or manual; Aux Controller; Foot Controller; The 1pc of the leg sections by electric system; The 1pc of the leg sections by manual; Shoulder Operating by electric system, manual and slide.


The Features of the Traction Device :

After the Foot Section dismantled, may union does not have the inter-space between the Traction Device and the base plate.
Has the national patent” H- frame pelvic extension”. Pelvic rack has three sockets for joint-left, middle, and right. The patient’s pelvis can be radiolucent without any obstruction, and let the doctor get much closer to the patient.
The C-Arm may make the operation in any position. So it is can be fluoroscopy without any obstruction.
The lateral support and pelvic rack can be used interchangeably. The lateral support can be adjusted vertically with 20cm motion trip, and the support can be used for the pelvis of adults or children.
Its traction arm can be adjusted to the desired angle and it can be extended. Its foot positional can be rotated to any angle (zero to 360° ) and can be used for the disassembled and used for other purpose.
Its main structure is made of stainless-steel and it is very durable.
The traction device can be hanged on the table or can be placed underneath of two side of the table without effecting any operations.