Clear & Autoclave




    B.SURGICAL EQUIPMENT     image001
    Autoclave Sterilizer
    Manufacturer: Suntec – Taiwan
     model:            Small 4025
    1. Power supply: single ph,220V 50/60Hz 6kw
          2.Chamber volume: 63L chamber size Φ400X500 316L stainless steel
    1. Overall dimensions: W × H × D mm 700 × 1500 × 620
    2. Maximum working pressure: 3.1kg/cm2 temperature145℃
    3. Water ejector vacuum system
    4. Chamber door with hand locked system
    5. Flash steam generator
    6. Operation level of noise ≦53dB
    7. The PLC computer control with colored touchpad screen
    8. Build in RO water system
    9. Sterilization cycle: flash、express、pre vacuum、liquids
    10. Test cycle: warm up、Bowie-Dick test
    11. Sefety device include:3.1kg/cm2 safety valve, temperature over-load protection emergency switch, failure data prints
    12. .Standads: ISO13485 EN13060-1 EN61010-1 EN61010-2-4
    13. .Two years’ warranty or 2000 cycles
    Small 63L vacuum steam sterilizer Hospital grade performance for O.R. Clinics Class B. Autoclave
    .63Liters Chamber Volume
    .316L grade Stainless Steel Chamber
    .Chamber is Surround by Coiled Jacket
    .Flash steam generator
    .Build in Printer
    .PLC control with colored touchpad screen
    .Build in RO water system
    .Mounted on wheels for easy mobility
    We had offered other big size model Machine in the same time
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