Operating Room Design & Construction
Our team from Taiwan, Australia, China and Vietnam

Currently, the problem of clean room’s standards, Ministry of Health very interested the surgical clean room. In which the “sterile” is one of the factors most important and necessary, because it may prevent the infection, infection to the patient. A sterile environment in the operating room will prevent bacteria from entering harmful to patients and the staff, doctors in the surgery room
GREAT ASIA Team had trained the professional engineers on processes, technologies designed surgical clean room with international standard.
The principle in designing a surgical clean room must report the following factors:
• Do not bring dirty into the room
• Do not generate dust in the room
• Do not allow accumulate dust in the room
• Quick handling of the dust in the room
System structure of surgery room
The structure of the surgical clean room must minimize intrusion of bacteria and prevent infections to patients, it need to have a professional air condition system to ensure cleanliness level. Additionally, a surgery clean room also has the following elements: