Overview of Hospital Construction

  1. The project – undertaken members:

General design of the hospital: Undertaken by our foremost architects who have wide insights and experience in constructional templates all over the countries such as Taiwan, China, etc.

The interior vision:

The interior of Southeast Asia hospital will be designed, planned, and constructed by Great Asia Co., Ltd.(Vietnam) And Medcom International Co., Ltd.(Cambodia)

Our associates members, their background about the field of hospital construction, medical equipment and service are from:

  1. Design mentors: Chung-gang Memorial Hospital (Formosa) – the foremost hospital in Taiwan.
  2. Team of designers: The Medical Center of Christianity.
  3. The Medical Group of Trident, Centremed and Caremax.
  4. The medical group of GE in the U.S.A.
  5. Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. in Taiwan undertakes planning, constructing and service.
  6. Holdyear Co., Ltd. In Taiwan undertakes planning, design and constructing.
  7. Je Mon Co., Ltd.in Taiwan undertakes clean water solution and Gas supply system,,etc.
  8. Medcom Co., Ltd. In Taiwan undertakes produce some medical equipment and accessory.
We have overtaken many projects in Taiwan, China and worldwide. We always receive positive compliments and praise from companies in medical fields, as well as the government.
  1. Vital concepts of designing, planning, and constructing for the hospital :

  • Small space provides tremendous efficiency.
  • Path ways between departments must be shortened.
  • Reduction in travel expenses, increase in convenience on pathways and decrease in infection opportunities.
  • Environmental protection and energy saving, and “green architecture”.
  • Healthy hospital campus and environment.
  • Harmonious space, high humanity values.
  • Respect the privacy of patient.